5 signs you’re reading the Bible wrong

Growing up my nightly bedtime routine consisted of pulling down my black leather King James Bible and turning to Psalm 23 (I had heard that Psalm recited at several funerals, so I knew it had to be important). I eventually memorized it, but the truth of it never seeped into my heart.

I would pull out my Bible every night and then somehow manage to miss the entire point.

In short, I was reading the Bible wrong. You might not think there is a wrong way to do something “so right,” but there is. And here are a few ways to know if you are.

1. You Only Read the Bible for Information & Facts

If I were to tell you I know about Michael Jordan you probably wouldn’t be that impressed. A lot of people know abouthim — he’s the greatest basketball player of all time. However, if I were to tell you that I know Michael Jordan, your reaction might be a little different. Saying I knowhim would imply a relationship.

It’s only one word, but there’s a big difference between knowing aboutsomeone and knowing someone. The primary reason we’re given God’s Word is so that we might know Jesus, not just know about Him.

There’s nothing wrong with expanding your knowledge and learning interesting facts about the Bible, but if that’s the only reason you’re reading it — you’re reading it wrong.

You can know a lot about Jesus, but not truly know Him — and I say that from experience (see John 5:39).

2. You Read Out of Duty Rather Than Devotion

It’s easy to think that reading the Bible in a dutiful manner will earn you brownie points with God — but it won’t. God isn’t impressed by how many verses you read, how many neon highlights you make, or how many verses you post on Facebook. What God cares about is your heart.

So, the question is, are you opening your Bible to “earn” His approval? Or to discover His grace?

Are you studying scripture because you feel like you have to? Or because you want to learn more about His love?

Are you reading His Word to mark it off a checklist? Or are you reading to draw closer to His presence?

It all comes down to your motivations. Jesus desires heartfelt devotion, not religious duty.

3. You Read a Translation You Don’t Comprehend

Reading the Bible in a translation you don’t understand is like reading an IKEA instruction manual in another language. It doesn’t make any sense to do so.

There are literally hundreds of Bible translations available — ranging from paraphrase to word-for-word translation. If you don’t understand or comprehend all the thou’s, thy’s, and yea’s in the King James Version — check out a more modern translation.

When we get to Heaven I really don’t think you’ll earn any bonus points for what version you read. The best version to read is the version you understand best.

4. You Only Read to Argue with Other Christians

Social media mudslinging — you’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. When it comes to Christians and social media, there’s no shortage of controversy. With outlets like Facebook and Twitter, we can share our opinions with the entire world in an instant. In some cases, this can be encouraging and beneficial. But over the past few years of writing online, I’ve had the unfortunate privilege of seeing countless Christians publicly destroy others.

Disagreements about doctrine, hit articles about worship style, hate comments about homosexuality — I’ve seen just about all of it.

As Christians, we’ll probably never come to a complete agreement on everything, but if all you get from reading the Bible is ammunition to attack other Christians — you guessed it, you’re reading it wrong.

5. You Cherrypick Bible Verses

The Bible is more than just a big book of inspirational verses and some do’s & don’ts. It’s a story. And like any story, it requires proper context. The Bible we hold in our hands today has been translated across multiple languages and was originally written in a culture much different than ours.

This is important to understand because without proper context you will ultimately read the Bible out-of-context. This potentially could mean reading verses like Genesis 9:4 or Leviticus 19:27 and deciding you should never eat a medium-rare steak again and refusing to cut the sides of your hair. Yikes!

The truth of Jesus is found throughout scripture — from Genesis to Revelation — but it’s vitally important to read it within the necessary context. If you’re not sure where to start, pick up a Study Bible and dig in. Here’s a free, online one if you’re interested —I’ve used it myself. It’s great

These aren’t the only Bible reading mistakes you can make, but they are a few good signs to watch out for. The Word of God is living and active. It’s filled with the life-changing truth of Jesus from cover to cover. But if you want to read it the “right” way, it simply means reading it know Jesus above all else.


5 Ways Satan Speaks

I wrote about 5 Ways God Speaks: Creation, Scripture, the Spirit, Other Believers, Circumstances.

But beware that Satan counterfeits God’s voice:

1. He speaks by separating creation from God’s design, encouraging us to worship creation instead of Creator, defending animals but not unborn babies, worshiping sex outside God’s design, promoting evolution (Romans 1:18-32; 2 Peter 3:3-7).

2. He speaks by misrepresenting God’s Word, twisting, cutting, pasting, and misusing it (Matthew 4:1-11, esp. v.6).

Satan’s tricks, Satan twists Scripture3. He offers a fake version of godliness, using false definitions of love to persuade us to accept our culture’s moral values and do things against God’s Word (2 Corinthians 11:3-4).

4. He speaks through people, watering down the Gospel, persuading us to take the easy way, to put self first (1 Corinthians 15:33; Ephesians 5:6).

5. He speaks through circumstances, opening doors of temptation (Genesis 3:1-7).

Our safeguards:
Be Alert – 1 Peter 5:8
Wear God’s full Armor (testing everything with the Sword of Truth) – Ephesians 6:10-18
Look for God’s way – 1 Corinthians 10:13
Bible Study

Satan is a liar
1. I encourage you to review the Bite Size Study Anatomy of a Temptation, highlighting some of Satan’s strategies with Eve.

2. I encourage you to review the Bible Love Note 3 of Satan’s Tricks, highlighting some of Satan’s strategies with Christ.

3. Ask God how you can apply this passage to your life in practical ways. In what ways can you be more alert and sober minded to the strategies of Satan?

1 Peter 5:8: Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Please God

I found this interesting. You may too:

There was a Pastor who had a Choir team and the Choir was the Best Team ever in his Mind. People would not afford to miss their Ministration during Service and at Conferences.

The Pastor died 3 days before the Youth conference. So the Pastor Cried out to God that he could not Miss the day his Choir was singing and God said you can’t go back on earth but the day your choir will be Ministering, I will grant you the Chance to see them Singing on Earth.

So the day came and God fulfilled His promise to the Pastor. What shocked the Pastor was that he could only hear two Female and one Male voice amongst the whole choir.
He asked God why am I Hearing only Three person Voice yet people are rejoicing with the way they are singing…and God replied, ” here in Heaven we only hear the Voices of those who sing in Truth and in Spirit, also in Right Standing with my Word…”.
The Pastor Cried and said what about my Wife and Others?
God replied,” they are doing it for Prestige not for my Sake, so only those on Earth Rejoice but the Heavens are not Moved by that.

So its a lesson for you Worshippers…. Do not please Man but your Father who sees the Heart, who sees Every place you are, who sees your Commitment at His Works.

*Pass this to other Worshippers especially Groups, it’s faster.*
*John 4:23-24.*

April Fool’s Day

The World calls this day (April 1) “All Fools Day” or “April Fools Day”. But Who is a REAL FOOL according to the Bible?

5 times in the Bible Jesus chose to address people as “fools” in the gospels.

1. The Careless Fool – Mat. 7:24-27 (Those who do not put the Word into practice)
2. The Hypocritical Fool – Mat. 23:17-19 (Those who live double-standard lives)
3. The Sleeping Fool – Mat. 25:1-8 (Those who are unprepared for Jesus’ coming)
4. The Materialistic Fool – Luke 12:16-20 (Those who live for this world)
5. The Unbelieving Fool – Luke 24:25 (Those who do not believe in his promises)

Who else does the Bible say is a fool?
1. He Who Says There Is No God. Psalm. 14:1
2. He Who Trusts In His Own Heart. Proverbs 28:26.
3. He Who Is Always Right [In His Own Eyes.] Proverbs 12:15.
4. He Who Despises Wisdom and Instruction. Proverbs 1:7.
5. He Who Is Soon Angry. Eccl. 7:9.
6. He Who Slanders Others. Proverbs 10:18.
7. He Who Mocks At Sin. Proverbs 14:9.
8. He Who Talks A Lot. Proverbs 29:11
9. He Who Minds Others’ Business. Proverbs 20:3; 26:17.

God bless us with wisdom

A simple and beautiful prayer.

When you wake up say:
God, I love you.
When leaving the house say:
God come with me.
When you feel like crying, say:
God, hug me.
When you feel happy say:
God, I adore you.
When you do something, say:
God, help me.
When you make a mistake, say:
God, forgive me.
When you go to sleep say:
Thank you God and cover me with your holy mantle.

Send this prayer to the people you care about …

*God loves you!*


When you die, don’t worry.
Don’t be concerned over your decaying body because people will take care of what is required.

*They will..
*1 – Buy you new white clothes
*2 – Wash you
*3 – Take you out of your home
*4 – to your new place of stay (the grave)
*5 – Many will come to bid farewell at your funeral – in fact, many will cancel work for the sake of your burial, even though most of them didn’t know you whilst you were alive.
*6 – Your belongings will be gotten rid of:
* your cars
* your check books
* your bags
* your shoes
* your clothes
* Your job, someone else will take your position*
* Your wealth will go to inheritors
* Whereas you will remain to be questioned about every minor and major deed
* There will be 3 types of mourners over you
* 1- The people who knew you only at face value will say ‘poor man’
* 2- Your friends will grieve for hours or days but then return to laughter
* 3- The deep grief at your household will last for a week, two weeks, a month, 2-months or even a year

* And thereafter they will add you to their memories
* And so your story amidst the people ended
* And your story with the reality begins, *where will you spend Eternity?*
* And that is the life after death
* Indeed, the following things will leave you:-
* 1- Beauty
* 2- Wealth
* 3- Health
* 4- Children
* 5- The mansions
* 6- Your spouse
* And your real life has just started, *Eternity*.

The question here is….
*What have you prepared for your Eternity or hereafter?*
This reality needs to be thought over: Therefore
*Take care of these two things ..*
*1- Salvation*
*2- Sanctification*
Don’t forget your *Prayers*
*And don’t forget to pass this message on to many…* Because once your eyes closes in death, the only property left for you is *”your relationship WITH GOD”.*
Where will you spend Eternity, *Heaven or Hell.* Let’s all live a *holy life* my Brothers & sisters.

Please forward for evangelism..

To All Women

Be an *Esther*, bold and courageous enough to stand for the truth, to voice your opinion and fight for the good of others, even when it means to sacrifice yourself. If God has put you in a position, it is for a purpose. Never be afraid to heed to that inner voice.

Be a *Ruth*, loyal in all your relationships, walk the extra mile and don’t quit when things get tough. Someday, you’ll see why it was all worth the effort.

Be a *Lydia*, let your homes be open, let your hands be generous, let your hearts be big enough to help anyone in need. Joy is greatest when shared.

Be a *Hannah*, never cease to pray. It will never be in vain.

Be a *Mary*, humble and submissive. You don’t have to be great for God to use you, you just need to obey.

Be a *Dorcas*, use your talents, however small it may seem to bring a smile on someone’s face. You’ll never know how much it can mean to someone.

Be an *Abigail*, remember how each decision can turn your life around for good or bad. Be wise.

Be an *Elizabeth*, never doubt what God can do. Miracles do happen.

Be a *Mary Magdalene*, never let your mistakes and judgments of other people stop you from experiencing true joy in Jesus.

Be a *Rebekah*, never forget that true beauty lies within. Draw your man closer to God through your character.

Lastly be *Sarah* age doesn’t mater, Trust & believe. All is possible with God

Share with all 2018 women to encourage them. And to all men to encourage the women in their lives.