Standing in the Gap

Whole book reading: Leviticus 21-23

Standing in the gap involves a lifestyle of setting ourselves apart and protecting our bodies which is the temple of the living God. The lifestyle the priests had to live, as mentioned in Leviticus, is one of honour and of a reverential task. In those days, the Lord chose to meet the people in the tent of the meeting and He dwelt in the most holy place which was accessible only by the high priest once a year. When the high priest entered the Holy of Holies, he had to have a string tied to his leg with bells attached. The sound of bells would cease if the high priest died in the Holy of Holies and he could be pulled out, as nobody else could enter the Holy of Holies.

The time Jesus died for our sins, the temple curtains which divided the holy place from the Holy of Holies, was torn into two from top to bottom so that, anyone could enter, see the most holy place. Jesus bridged the gap being the lamb for our sins and the high priest who lead us into the Holy of Holies.

The book of Leviticus helps us understand Christ’s role as a lamb and His role as a priest. From being the most boring book in the Bible, Leviticus has become my favorite book as every time I read it, I understand the love God has for me and that He came for me to stand in the gap. Just as Christ stood in the gap, He wants us to stand in the gap on behalf of our fellow beings.

In today’s world, how can we stand in the gap

Help people know about Christ through our lifestyle.
Helping people understand the Bible, in its simplicity and relevance.
Being available to be channels where God can touch lives.
Praying for those whom God has put a burden in our hearts.
We are not standing in the gap when

Our attitude is about what we do rather than what God wants to achieve.
We are judgmental rather than being loving to those around us.
When we try to enforce our beliefs on others.
Life is about standing in the gap.


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