Couples of Bible

Adam and Eve: Ideal Companions
Beyond stereotypes and parodies, this story reveals God’s original plan for human marriage and demonstrates how sin has distorted it. Can you recognize both God’s plan and sin’s distortion in your marriage?
Genesis 2:153:13
Abraham and Sarah: Waiting Together
Sometimes life puts you and your spouse on “hold,” waiting for children, a job, of home of your own, a resolution of conflict with extended family members. How can you cultivate patience in marriage?
Genesis 17:1-8, 15-22; 21:1-7
Isaac and Rebekah: How God Makes a Match
This story highlights how God brings people together and affirms marriage partnerships–often in surprising and creative ways. How does God direct you in significant relationships?
Genesis 24:26-67
Jacob and Rachel: Love Endures
People make all sorts of mistakes in relationships–lies, favoritism, manipulation, even revenge. What mistakes have you made or experienced? How has love endured in spite of marital turmoil?
Genesis 29:1-30
Boaz and Ruth: Faithfulness Rewarded
God rewards faithfulness, whether in one person or in a whole nation. What rewards have you experienced because of your faithfulness in a relationship?
Ruth 2:1-13; 4:1-17
Elkanah and Hannah: Dealing with Disappointment
How do you deal with disappointment? Would you like to handle disappointment differently? This story shows how couples can help each other look to God during difficult seasons of life.
1 Samuel 1
David and Abigail: Wise Intervention
When should you intervene in someone else’s life–especially your husband or wife? When do you wish someone would intervene with you? How can you hear God’s wisdom through the voice of another person?
1 Samuel 25:14-42
Hosea and Gomer: Unconditioned Love
This story takes you to the edge of what it means to love unconditionally. Have you been forgiven by your spouse? Can you forgive him or her? What holds you back? How can God lead you forward?
Hosea 1 and 3
King Xerxes and Esther: Courageous Influence
Like it or not, you influence the people around you, especially those closest to you. How can you be a positive, godly influence on your spouse? And what might be the risks and rewards?
Esther 4:15:8

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