River of God

Last week a fisherman came near our house to sell fish. He removed a live fish and the fish hit the ground, it was on the sand yet alive. He also had other fishes which he kept inside the water, they were all swimming alive. 

A small thought came into my mind. When we leave worldly things and all ties on this earth, if we are in the River of God enjoying our spiritual life with God we will have LIFE that no one can take away from us. Instead if we choose the world we will be like the fish who jumped on worldly filth and died on sand. May God bless u with this thought!

📖BIBLE Reading for this Week :

1 Gen 1-2

2 Gen 3-5

3 Gen 6-9

4 Gen 10-11

5 Gen 12-15

6 Gen 16-19

7 Gen 20-22


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