Priorities in Life

*Don’t wait for the parrot to die*

The story is told of a woman who bought a parrot to keep her company, but she returned it the next day.
*“This bird doesn’t talk,”* she told the owner.
*”Does he have a mirror in his cage?”* he asked. *“Parrots love mirrors. They see their reflection and start a conversation.”*
The woman bought a mirror and left. The next day she returned; the bird still wasn’t talking.
*”How about a ladder? Parrots love ladders.The happy parrot is a talkative parrot.”* 
The woman bought a ladder and left. But the next day, she was back. 
*“Does your parrot have a swing? No? Well, that’s the problem. Once he starts swinging, he’ll talk up a storm.”*
The woman reluctantly bought a swing and left.

When she walked into the store the next day, her countenance had changed.
*“The parrot died,”* she said. 
The pet store owner was shocked.
*“I’m so sorry. Tell me, did he ever say anything?”* he asked.
*“Yes, right before it died,”* the woman replied.
*“In a weak voice, it asked me, ‘Don’t they sell any food at that pet store?’”*
Sometimes we forget what’s really important in life. We get so caught up in things that are good while neglecting the things that are truly necessary.
Take a moment to do a *“priority check”, and strive for what is most* important today in our Christian life.

*Don’t wait for the parrot to die…!!*


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